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finally i met my baby
e shtunë, 11 korrik 200912:31 e paradites

On saturday, went to have kfc breakfast with darrlingg before i set off to baby house as his friend want to celebrate his birthday for him. in advance larh. but i diden stay there for long, and was longing to leave because there was a dog there. i were scared out of the hell when he keep loitering under my chair. ARGH. no body else but mine. and he actually touch me that make me freak out. that is when i am playing mahjong larhs. before i end the first game. ARGH. stayed iside baby house, without fan. was sweating hot larhs. argh. and once my dad call me and ask whether i wan to leave. i was lik YES immediately LOL.

i am so sorry baby. but i have to leave (:

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ishwin oil ceremony party
e premte, 10 korrik 200911:58 e pasdites

The first SIKH wedding ceremony i have went to.so different from what Chinese is doing. i love the style of wedding. so fun, so lively, lots of dancing and lots of loud music. I LOVE ALL THIS. maybe for my wedding,i will do all 4 race (Chinese, Malay, Sikh, Ang Mo) and also another one. crazy party. wahahahhaas. i wan people to give ang bao until they go crazy (: but in the same time i spend money like crazy also. wahahahas.

Jasvin henna

we did henna. diden know henna is one of the sikh culture but not indian one. hehe. i tink i have to read up more on the different culture and difference that they do. LOL. if not i go to others people wedding (different culture) people will laugh at me when i did the wrong thing or wear the wrong costumes. hehehe.(: the others did lots of flowery drawing on their hand. and i only drew a "S" on my middle finer. and they ask me why, then i ask them to SUCK MY ASS.. o0ps wahahahas. that is random. i dun have this meaning at the first place. heheh..

on that day, ii only get to participatein the evening dancing ceremony. all the married lady will have to carry some 'fire thing' to dance. and the guys will give money to those ladies. (: so hyper. i think if the chinese women were to do it. the will just walk around. wahahhaas. then after the married women have finish dancing. there is this guy who started singing and calling people to come out and dance. love it. especially when jasvin was called out to dance. hehehe.

but ii tink i laugh to hard, cause at the later part of the day, i am being called out to dance to. -..- out of a sudden a lady came to pull me out to dance. and i started to pull people out to dance also. ahhahas. rachel, vivian, jasvin, and blah blah blah. all were being pulled. wahahahas. LOVE IT. but i tink i am too shy that day. not much of dancing. not my normal self, i think that is becos alot of ppl looking at u and all are my senior. wahahahas. (:

oyarhs. for the dinner that day, i ate particular little. becauise it is tooo tooo too too spicy. at first when i ate the food, i am still thinking "waseh nice sias, not spicy" but the spiceness slowly slwoly start to be in my mouth larhs. argh. lots of water with damn little rice. wahahahas. i have a slight bit of gastric pain that day. ):
and that day, we were also given some sweet thing, really sweet that i cant take it. wahahaas. but i tink that is their customs. so as usual, i have to b polite and took a small bite. hehehe.

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e shtunë, 4 korrik 20095:16 e paradites
sometimes i just feel like rushing into their arms. cry intop their arm. tell them that i still need their love. i still want to hug me tightly and tell me that they still love me.how i long for this. how long has it been that they have never hug me. and kiss me and tell them they love me. ever since i went into the secondary school life, i have treated to be an adult. everything i do, i need to hold some responsibility, how i wish they are there to protect me and tell me. "it's ok girl, never mind to have failure, we will always be there for you." how i wish they are able to pamper me to sleep just like what they did when i am still a kid. i dun wan them to grow old. i dun wan them to leave me. i dun wan them to fall ill. i dun wan them to suffer. nobody really know what i want. don't even say my boyfriend. how empty i feel sometimes.

why aren't there something that i can do without worrying the consequences of doing it. why arent there somebody i can fall to when i am in trouble. i guess that is my life. that is what nobody will expect queenie low is actually such a miserable one. everybody must be thinking that she is always a stong one. no matter what happen, she is there to help someone. but tell you what. i just need your attention. if i am a quiet girl out there that doesn't do anything.

i am not the brave and daring queenie low whom everyone know. i am always the one that think of something great but never get it done. i am always the one who say i dare larhs. but then at the very last minute i back up. i am a miserable girl. if i don't date anyone out. i will be the last one that people will think of, if they want to go out. or maybe they don't even want to think of me. that is my life.

i always acted like i know eveyrthing just because i want their attention. i am not like my little sister, who know how to cuddle into their arms and tell them I LOVE YOU. i am not like my little sister who know how to please them and make them get something for me. i am not like my little sister, who has the look and never worried about getting fat or letting others to say she is ugly. i am not like my little sister. i am just nothin if i do not put up a strong front.
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